Instantly Convert PSD to HTML

With Photoshop Plugin

HTML & CSS Output

Takes a Photoshop image and creates a web page coded using best practices that works in all major browsers.

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Saves Time

Webbsy saves you hours of work by doing the tedious and repetitive parts of the conversion.

How It Works in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Label Layers

Name Layers and groups to export with a #

Step 2

Click Build

Run Webbsy and click the "Build" Button

Step 3

Check Webpage

View your created web page ready for final tweaking

Webbsy Getting Started Video

New Features at Webbsy


New features are added all the time

Instantly Create Responsive Web Design

Sites are outputted for different devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Preview Your Website Without Marking Up Your PSD

Automatically export your PSD without any layer name markup. Webbsy will automatically create names for your layers for you. This is a great way to get a live preview on a browser.

Web Code is Compatible Across Major Browsers

Webbsy exports all of your elements using CSS3, which is supported in all major modern browsers. It’s also compatible with IE 7 and 8.

Reference Sheet Option

Webbsy optionally exports a handy Reference Sheet that gives you the details of your CSS and HTML elements.

Generates All Parts of Your Web Page

Webbsy takes a Photoshop image then creates all parts of the web page for you.

  • Slices images
  • Generates HTML (including image, rectangle and text elements)
  • Generates CSS (including effects like drop shadows and glows and text styling)

Webbsy converts everything it can into native HTML and CSS like a designer would. If something can't be converted into native HTML (e.g. some Photoshop effects aren't supported in browsers), then Webbsy will export those layers as images. This ensures that your code is always clean and professional as it can be, but also ensures that your website looks the same as your original Photoshop image in every browser.


Clean Standards Compliant HTML

Webbsy creates clean professional HTML and CSS code, just like you would create yourself. All code is properly indented and follows best practices for HTML and CSS.


Image Export Options

Choose to Export in PNG, JPEG or GIF

Webbsy takes a Photoshop image then creates all parts of the web page for you.

By default, when Webbsy automatically slices layers, it exports them as PNG images. But, you can easily tell Webbsy which format you prefer.
Just add a file extension to the layer name.


In the example above, the "phone" graphic is exported as a PNG image, while the "temple_ceiling" photo is exported as a JPEG image.
You can use either .jpg or .jpeg to export an image as a JPEG.

Control JPEG Export Quality

Normally, Webbsy exports JPEG images at a quality of 60.
This is a good compromise between file size and image quality.

If you need a higher or lower quality setting, you can manually specify the image quality by adding a quality attribute to the layer's name
with a value between 0 and 100.


Anchor Links and Text Export Options

Create Anchor Links

Create a link from any layer or layer group. Just add an "href" attribute to the layer name.


Use Google Fonts (All 629 Available)

Webbsy supports all 629 Google Fonts. Just use any Google Font in your Photoshop image and Webbsy automatically includes the code to make it work with your website.


More than just HTML & CSS

LESS, SASS, SCSS and Stylus

If you work with a CSS preprocessor like LESS, SASS, SCSS or Stylus, Webbsy automatically exports in those formats for you.


HAML, Slim and Jade

If you work in an HTML templating language like HAML, Slim or Jade, or work with designers that do, Webbsy automatically exports in those formats for you.


Sites Created Using Webbsy